Online strip sites vs local strip clubs

Why Online Strip Sites Are Better than Local Strip Clubs

From selection to cost, we share 10 reasons why online strip clubs are more popular than local titty bars. Lower prices, diverse niches, amateur appeal, the list goes on! I am here to tell you that even the top brick and mortar nude clubs can’t compare to the unique experience and value of online strip clubs.

You can even read our feature article about the world’s best strip clubs and then compare them to the online strip sites.

With that said, let’s dissect the nuisance between online strip clubs and local gentlemen’s clubs. 

First off, who the f*#k ever decided a nude bar should be called a club for gentlemen?

online strippers
Online strippers are replacing brick and mortar strip clubs.

Few, if any would say, a place where women strip naked for tips would constitute what one should call a gentlemen’s club. Just the contrary, the first thing that comes to mind at topless bars or full nude strip clubs these days in sleaze and raunch.

In reality, strip clubs are more filled with whispers over pervert row about wanting to lick a performer’s pussy and take her into VIP for some super dirty action.

I mean, let’s be honest, some booze and sweaty strippers swinging around poles in smoke-filled rooms are the images we all have of what most strip clubs are like.

That is because that is, in fact, what most strip clubs are like. 🙂

On the other hand, if you have been doing the jack and jill to porn over the past 5 years, to any of the best online strip clubs you have a pretty good idea just how big of a deal online strip clubs have become.

No porn search happens without at least 3 or 4 offers to try dirty cams; today’s equivalent to the local titty bar but it all happens via live webcam over the internet. Same goes for escort sites like escortbabylon.

  1. Every night is Halloween: Stripper Costume Nights are always a huge hit at titty bars and considering there are hundreds if not thousands of girls at online strip clubs, you are always going to find some of them in costumes.

    stripper costume nights
    stripper costume nights are one of the busiest nights at nude clubs.
  2. Milf Fetish and Performers Who Would Never Work at Strip Clubs: That’s right, sexy older strippers who wouldn’t ever consider working at local titty bars fill online strip clubs and many of these women are in their true sexual prime; offering authentic erotic live strip shows.

    milf strippers
    Attractive milf strippers are hard to find at titty bars with the exception of rugged and used up appearing ladies.
  3. Couples Stripping and Fucking Live: Maybe some shady adult arcades and swingers clubs with huge entry and joining fees would be places in the past where you can see couples fucking in real life, but nowadays only strip clubs are places where dozens of sexy couples can be seen fucking for free on cam.

    strip clubs with male and female strippers
    strip clubs with male and female strippers really don’t exist except for online.
  4. Extreme Live Sex & Up Close Masturbation: Never before adult video chat has people been able to see such extreme sex scenes live than those offered at sites like
  5. Butts, Ass, and Live Anal Porn: Like fucking anatomy lessons, everything short of girls pooping on cam is on offer. If seeing girls twerking big butts get your rocks off or asshole gaping or squeezing, then online strip clubs are about the only place you can witness content of that extreme anal nature.
  6. Watch Girls Showering Live: Tell me please; where else can you bo watch young women showering on voyeur cams in HD?! Stripper shower shows are hot if their really curvy strippers like you can find at

    big ass strippers
    Some places are better than others when it comes to big ass strippers! It is really kind of cool that a few sites like are dedicated to being places to watch girls with a big butt stripping live.
  7. Cam Toe Live Views of Women in Tights + Lewd Gymnastics: Online strippers are just as flexible as offline ones but in a nudie bar your simply never going to have a group of perverts like you together in one place as well as willing and able to pay up for something as fucking obscure as lewd gymnastics. I might add, has lots of hot strippers in Yoga pants!
  8. Real Life Lesbian Sex on Live Webcam: Porn is notorious for fake lesbian sex but to see women giving other women real orgasms with the mouths and sexy toys, closet lesbians flock to internet strip show sites like

    Lesbian strippers
    You are not going to find true Lesbian strippers at your local titty bar in most cases but online stripping sites have so many performers that you can find the real authentic lesbian strippers online!
  9. Live Solo Teen Masturbation: The plethora of 18-year-old strippers working online is a sight to see and in fact one of the most popular nude show aspects of most online strip clubs. The innocent doe-eyed strippers are always one of the biggest draws and nowhere else would you have 100’s of young strippers than at the virtual strip clubs online. The simplest online titty bar to get a good HD strip show is

    teen strippers
    If you want to watch teen strippers 18-21 the best odds of seeing these young gals stripping is via strip websites vs locally.
  10. 2 Men Fucking on Cam or HD Gender Bending Webcams: Real-life hide the sausage shows or super-passable tranny strippers from all over the fucking world are just the icing on the super-dirty cake at virtual strip sites. Lots of tranny strippers and fetish strippers are working on

Sure you can see fucking strippers duck and dodge around smoke-filled rooms asking if you want a private show for $50.00 at your local neighborhood strip club but you can bet your ass you will not find any of these things we listed above. The fact is online strip clubs are far superior to nude clubs in real life and online strippers are the direction of the future!

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