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Escort Babylon – Full Review of Popular Escort Site

Escort Babylon was on my radar for quite some months and finally, I took some time off to bust about this premium escort website. I had to admit, Escort Babylon itself is a naughty and attractive name to turn eyeballs on them.

Please make sure you’re 18 and above to access this website and read the reviews, suggestions, and all recommendations we mention on

So, what’s the deal about Is it really a worthy place to pick some hot chicks for one-night stands or some sort of shithousery? Find out more on my updated Escort Babylon review right here today.

Escort Babylon Review – A Breakdown

To start with EscortBabylon’s website design and interface, it’s a total mess and literally, look like a joke. Even a high school grade would build a much cleaner and user-friendly site than what escortbabylon net has.

All it includes is a search option, select city and sort the results by date, popularity, and current performers. For many viewers, it still is a question mark whether the site is complete one or a half baked spammy site. Anyhow, our escort babylon reviews will completely tell you what to look for and what not to look for on this site. already has the vibes of a scam site and it’s written all over them. Let’s look at escortbabylon features and other services it offers for adults.

escort babylon
Nah, escort babylon is not what you think. It’s a shithousery!

EscortBabylon Features


Interestingly, there is no registration or sign-up option for the users. There are a lot of things that look questionable and let’s break them down for the adult members one by one.


For those who thought escortbabylon was a 100% escort booking site, you were wrong my friend. It mostly acts as an escort review platform and as a side gig, it advertises escorts and other adult webcams services like live cam girls, live sex cams, sugar babes, and horny milfs.

How to choose escorts?

Right there in the beginning, website users were asked to pick a region from the USA, Canada, and Europe and once they did that, you can sort the resulting escorting models by date, popularity, and current status.

The results give us an overview of the models with two options on each profile. First, the review, and second, view posts about them. The pictures of those escort models listed on the website look outdated and crappy. I’m not really against escorting services or adult hookup sites but this one really tests my nerves.

Honestly, anyone with a flare share of internet usage watching porn and webcamming would realize, escortbabylon is shit!

I checked both the escort model’s review as well as their posts, it’s UGH!

escort babylon models
None of escort babylon models are in live cams.

List of EscortBabylon Services

Other than adult models and escort reviews, escortbabylon has some services that are listed right on top of the website.

Here is the list of escortbabylon services mentioned on the website,

  • Reviewed – Yolo – Milfs – Indie – Forty Up – Max 80 – Candy – Car Fun – Uber Over – Ebony – Trans X

The thing is each one of these services will give you more or less the same type of escort results with different review dates mentioned. Clearly, the site does not do much in helping us find the beauty we’d like to hire for a nightstand.

escortbabylon net
Clearly, Escortbabylon net model reviews are fake.

I usually get the fuck out of crappy websites like escortbabylon but since I’m doing this for adults who were seriously looking for some adult fun, I insist on completing this review and showing the world what the fuck it is.

Model Reviews

I still get laughs looking at how model reviews were made at escortbabylon net. To begin with, we are not able to read any of the escort model reviews, until we post our review. What the fuck was that? So, what it does is we have to give some sort of reviews to unlock the other reviews earlier.

Sooner or later, you’ll understand that all the reviews on escorts might be done the same way, i.e to rush the new members to leave reviews before actually picking an escort.

Sites like EscortBabylon but better

If you’re an adult porn lover, you would definitely jump out of escort babylon the moment you know it’s nonsense. Same as the case on Erotic Monkey. That said, I don’t want you to leave yourself stranded and go on searching for strip clubs online, and for that, I already listed the best online strip clubs to watch naked girls.

Look, man, we all make rookie mistakes by spending tons of time on 18+ escort sites we tend to believe it was fantastic. Of course, I heard tremendous things about escortbabylon, and look what happened? It’s a shithouse!

Go on and pick any of the online strip clubs I listed on my blog. It’s fantastic, it’s free and it’s secure and private. For instance, have a go at or read my extended Chaturbate review. These two sites are some of the top adult cam platforms in the last 7 years.

escort babylon girl
Truth is, you won’t find escort babylon girl like this. Choose adult cam sites for that. Review Conclusion

Since has nothing wonderful or erotic to share with adult members, it really looks like a lost place. Overall, I think the website images speak for themselves and I don’t really need to stress much about them anymore.

The bottom line is – Escort Babylon is a polished crap that needs to be abandoned once and for all. Pick yourself a nice sex cam site or find other best strip clubs than wasting your precious time on

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