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Erotic Monkey – A Shady Escort Site or Legit?

Today, we are going to bust the truth about Erotic Monkey, an escort review site that happens to be known as the free escort arena on the internet. It’s been in the limelight for quite some time now and honestly, running an escort review site sounds still weird to many.

So, what exactly does offer for adults other than listing out some of the escort reviews? Find out more about the EroticMonkey review today and get to know the truth behind escorts from popular cities.

Erotic Monkey claims to be able to hook the adults up with hot chicks so they never spank the monkey again. Lol, it does sound exciting, funny, and in some ways, give you spam alert vibes.

Erotic Monkey Review – An Overview

erotic monkey logo
Here’s is the original erotic monkey logo.

After hours of testing and cracking Erotic Monkey, I chose to present you with all the real facts about them, so you never have to go to any other site to know about them.

As they mention, lists a massive amount of hookers, preferably from different cities in the USA.

Though it sounds illegal, the thrill to check out local girls willing to have sex is still right up there.

Do you get what we came for at Or it’s just another one of those shams to lure adults for money? Read on.

EroticMonkey Features

What’s it like to enter the website?

The first thing you’ll see entering the EroticMonkey website is land on a disclaimer. Yup, the safe trick that you’ll find on any escort service online. As many suggest, I’d also recommend the users read the disclaimer seriously before making a committed attempt on their hookup services.

The terms and conditions listed on the website state that you’re not going to hold Erotic Monkey liable for anything that should happen to you. So, anything that happens between you and the escort person is solely up to you and will not have any say on the matter after you accept the terms and conditions.

Signup Process

Like many other dating sites, asks for little information and wants the user to register on their website as quickly as they possibly can. Enter your username, choose a password, submit your email ID, mention your gender, choose the city, and confirm your account status. With these steps, you’re ready to enter EroticMonkey as a registered user.

erotic monkey
This is how erotic monkey search looks.

Terms & Conditions Are Nonsense

Let me put this up in a simpler way, so you’d understand them in one go. Anything that happens between you and the escort model in the quest for paid sex is not EroticMonkey’s problem. That means, even if you’re screwed (in a bad way) or lose money or anything bad happens, Erotic Monkey com is not liable for that.

Escort Reviews

When you enter this escort review platform for the first time, you’ll see the previously written reviews for the models under the profile. To be honest, I was suspicious about the reviews, and after looking through each of them and the style of the content tells us it’s not 100% true.

Reviews didn’t look genuine at all and it wasn’t much of a surprise because this is how adults are getting lure by cheap practices.

It’s one of those old tricks where the website moderators choose to write good reviews about them and post them publicly as someone else. So, please think twice about choosing an escort from this site. Also, if you check the last escort reviews date, it’s pretty outdated.

Erotic Massage

This is another section where they put all these Asian chicks into one basket and offer erotic massage services to adults. Again, if you look at the quality of the models, it has all signs of danger.


Any queries related to this escort service and reviews and how it works are available as blog content. Just a handful of pretty old posts.

erotic monkey escorts
Clearly, erotic monkey escorts are a bit dated.


  • Available in every American state
  • Options to message everyone without any limits
  • Escort model reviews
  • Advanced search options
  • Detailed bio about every model, including physical & kinky attributes
  • Nice website design with good user-friendly interface


  • Way too expensive for normal member
  • Escort ladies are mostly busy and we get to pick only few models online.
  • No mobile app
Interesting to see eroticmonkey covering all 50 cities of the USA and got escorts from all. Pricing

I haven’t seen a website that asks for a premium account just to read full reviews about an escort. What is this? A digital newspaper site? Strangely, that’s how it is made for adult users right now.

Coming to the Erotic Monkey pricing, it charges you $29.95 a month if you choose the debit card for payment and $50.00 a month if you choose an Amazon gift card, Bitcoins, prepaid Visa, or Mastercard.

Why would someone spend 50 bucks just to read reviews about an escort model (who may or may not be real in the first place?

Is Dating Available?

It depends on what you’re looking for but if you’re looking for dating as the core idea, NO, it’s not available at Look, escort doesn’t mean a prostitute. Not just in USA, many countries know that escort models are involved in sexual and other normal activities too.

For example, porn models, porn stars, and escort chicks attend people various events, social gatherings, concerts, sports events, date nights, or a good old shag both indoors and outdoors. So, what I mean is, if you’re booking an escort, you can spend the time in whatever means you want and pay the money. It’s as simple as that.

Advanced Searching Option

I never thought I’d say this, but yeah, Erotic Monkey looks great for free advanced searching of models. Just like online strip clubs, the users can sort a model by location, fetish category, body type, hairstyle, and ethnicity without giving them a dime.

erotic monkey models
Just take a look at erotic monkey models, danger is written all over them.

Sites like EroticMonkey but better

I’m not a fan of escorting review sites or escort sites in general. It never gives us the secure feel and the privacy we expect from them. In the hindsight, I pulled the strings and found some of the best online strip clubs to watch naked girls online. These will be the best EroticMonkey alternatives you’ll find on the internet.

Spam Links

It comes as no surprise to see spammy and shady links shared across EroticMonkey com. Of course, Erotic Monkey is into heavy ads from 3rd party sex sites and that sends us to shady sites, just like RubMaps. It’s a low blow for them.

The Reviews Conclusion: WORSE!

Look, I’ve seen and used tons of hookup sites, strip clubs, and sex cam sites online. Plenty of them had a start and soon bites the dust for not practicing ethical ways of doing business. Using has all the red flags you’d expect from a website and it might put the users in a dangerous situation, both legally and financially.

If you’re looking for private and secure sites to have fun without stepping out of your home, go and pursue the world’s top 10 strip clubs list I published recently.

Anyhow, the bottom line about Erotic Monkey is a FUCKING NO!

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