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How to Get Laid Today! (It’s Easy on the Internet)

If you are asking how to get laid quickly without much effort here is a guide to getting laid fast on the internet. Follow these simple steps and you can get pussy online and get off in a jiffy.

It doesn’t stop there though, we cover tons of other ways to get pussy. From finding chicks to bang at parks and grocery stores to how to get the girl at work to have sex with you.

Yes, this is an all-out guide for men to get laid!

And we are not talking about the first thing an egg does. No this is all about how to get pussy aka pussy-getting hacks for men.

how to get pussy
Use these tips and you will see how some guys know how to get pussy more than the average joe.

How to Get Pussy Online and Offline – Married or Not.

The fact is some of us need a little help in that department and you shouldn’t be ashamed if you are struggling to find girls willing to have sex with you.

For some of us the quest to, ‘get laid’ is the ultimate purpose of life. 🙂 Okay so perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it is fair to say getting fucked ranks pretty high with most men.

Not to be crass but the truth is that men want to get some female action and are always looking for ways to get laid fast and free.

You and I both know that is as certain as the stars in the sky and this fact will never change.

So the question becomes how can I get laid today, am I right?

Well in fairness, you may need a bit of lead-up time to put some of these plans into action but perhaps if you rise with the morning sun you can still find pussy online by the evening. Let’s get down to business so you can start getting laid asap.

How to Get Laid Often?

So you know a few guys who are always getting pussy and who you see with different hot girls regularly and you wonder how some guys get laid so often?  Confidence is often the key but once they figure out how to game the system and get more twat than everyone else; even they have had to practice to master the science of getting laid fast.

Here are some things to consider…

  • First up, treat her right!

Firstly, to get laid on the long road, don’t be a jerk and treat your woman right. If you’re treating her right, she’ll feel good about herself and you’ll have a much easier time getting laid. Send her gifts, flowers, cards, or anything that she likes. Do whatever you need to do to show that you really care for her.

Give her time, and try to understand her by keeping in touch with regular meets, calls, and texts. Be the gentleman that she deserves and you may see her suck your cock and blow your load sooner than you have thought.

  • Exude confidence, but not cockiness

Confidence is the new sexy, but cockiness is grossing out! Remember this if you want to score with sexy women and it eventually can get you laid. Confidence is something that comes naturally to some people, while others have to work at it. If you’re confident about yourself, then you’ll feel comfortable around women, and they’ll respond positively to you.

You don’t need to act like a jerk to make them want to go out with you; just be yourself and let your personality shine through. In contrast to cockiness, which comes from the things you say, confidence is something that is displayed through your body, grin, and eyes. Don’t go blabbing about how you do; rather, seems like you have it all together.

get lade
Exude confidence, no matter what, to get lade!
  • Approach and be affable

While you would be tempted to approach sexy women for getting laid, you don’t want to look like a creep that makes girls fly the coop. In order to get laid, you must be approachable. Always wear a smile and listen intently to the potential women who you wanna make a whoopee with.

Sometimes women may appear a little closed off as if they are in their worlds and don’t want to be bothered, but deep down, they are lonely and want to ride a flag pole. So, grow some balls to approach them.

  • Get to know her interests/fantasies

One of the most important and effective tips on getting laid is to know what the chick you are chasing is really into. So, you might be into something kinky while the girl would like to have it missionary style. Thus, before you want to have her between the sheets, understand her interests by spending some time talking.

Lucky you, if you both share some common ground on sexual fantasies as it can spice things up twofold!

  • Compliment her more often

Women really dig compliments! There is no woman born who wouldn’t get flattered by compliments on her appearance, character, or any fucking thing. Giving praise demonstrates that you are secure enough in yourself to bring a smile to someone’s face. This not only boosts their confidence but also makes you incredibly appealing which is one of the easiest ways to get laid.

  • Win her trust

Failing to gain the girl’s trust could give you a serious case of blue balls. Always stay truthful and clear about what you want. However, realize that you can’t get to see her spreading legs for you in the first meet itself. You have to be patient to win her trust first and get into her pants later. Patience is the key!

  • Flirt it up to go down on her!

Looking for easy ways to get laid? Then you gotta up your flirting game! Whether you use those cheesy pickup lines or seduce her with subtle touches, do not be afraid to bring out your flirty side.

PS: Good flirting can make you get laid fast with your temptress.

Best Ways to Get Laid

  • Score with an online stripper

If you are incapable of balling a woman of your choice, you might wanna give online strip clubs a shot. Here you can find the hottest strippers from different parts of the world, who wouldn’t mind cuffing your carrot. Some of these online strip clubs like and are known to feature strippers who would get laid for a few bucks.

The greatest thing about these best online strip clubs is that they host thousands of these hot strippers every fucking day. That said, the more you spend time with them, the high the chance to know the best ways to get laid.

online stripper
Online strippers shows you the easy ways to get laid.
  • Go to a bar or pub

It is important to set the scene and frame to pick women up for getting laid. What else could be a better place for that than a bar, disco or a pub? Although I don’t recommend using the technique of being a bar fly to meet sexy women, bars can be really handy. Bars, along with discos and pubs are pre-coded public places where it is totally ok to be approached and meet new people.

Find the right kind of pub as women tend to get attracted to mood lighting, drinks, and some sultry love-making music. In addition to that, dressing up in something extra sexy will might be of help to get laid. So, don’t forget to gild the lily when you’re hitting a bar next time.

Well, if you can’t hit pubs, online strip clubs are the best option to get pussy, for which we have got you covered with the top 10 strip clubs.

  • Pump iron and get fit

Unless you are rich as Croesus, women would not prefer getting laid with a filthy fat prick! So, hit the gym and get in form. I meant really though, who would want to fuck a guy who pants after one fucking push-up. Chances are high that women might think of you as an underperforming jerk in bed. So, no other option other than hitting the gym!

Not only does being fit help you get attracted to horny women, but it also spices up things in the bedroom. Get those cool abs and see how girls queue up to get laid. Trust me, it is one of the easy ways to get laid.

  • Be an old hand in bed to keep her hooked

If having conventional sex is your preference for seeking pleasure, then trust me, bro, you aren’t getting her back to your place. You should be an old hand in bed to keep her hooked. Know the ins and outs in bed and be prepared to offer everything that you can. Try different techniques in oral, intimacy, and foreplay to ensure she feels sexy.

  • If you are a woman, just focus on looks, nothing else!

Isn’t getting laid a piece of work for women? It fucking is! No matter what, men will get attracted to the looks of a woman. Be it chubby, skinny, petite, athletic, or anything, if you’ve got it just flaunt it.

More Tips on Getting Laid Fast

If all else fails you really owe it to yourself to discover the best way to hack getting pussy fast; that is online strip clubs. It’s the ultimate way to get laid today and is often nearly free when you compare the investment of time and membership fees that you will expend on hookup sites.

Likewise, you can go broke visiting nearby strip clubs fast and you will never score there. I can attest to that, blew $1000 at some of the best Phoenix strip clubs just last week. The irony is the girls there are nowhere near as hot as the girls willing to fuck guys at my favorite cybersex sites.

get laid
Follow my advice as far as how to get laid online.

My ultimate favorite is, but these days there are countless others just as good. At least for me, I can’t be out chasing snatch around all the top-night spots locally where girls hang out. Thus I find it way safer and more efficient to find girls to fuck here.

Sure it’s a cybersex experience but it’s just as hot as hooking up with girls fast locally. The quality of the snatch is A+ here as well. Just to be clear, online escort sites like EroticMonkey won’t give you like this.

Well, soon after you learnt how to get laid, fucking sure you would want to learn how to find orgy near you, didn’t you?

That’s a wrap as far as my tips on getting laid, now go get your dick wet!

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